About Dr. Ingram

Ami Ingram, MD, is licensed to practice Medicine in North Carolina and Texas. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from North Carolina State University and her medical degree from Brody – East Carolina University School of medicine in Greenville, N.C.

Dr. Ingram spent several years working in a family practice, as well as in obstetrics. She kept noticing that many of the prescriptions she wrote included side effects that often required additional prescriptions for her patients. This created further side effects.

What was the root cause of their illness, she wondered. Was it possible to get upstream from their malady? Dr. Ingram's research soon took her to the relationship between the body's organs alongside the overlay of genetics, nutrition and lifestyle.

Through courses offered through the American College for  Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), North Carolina Integrative Medicine Society (NCIMS) and Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Ingram has developed a multi-faceted, natural approach to treat both existing conditions and get ahead of challenges that may present later in life.

Dr. Ingram lives in Greensboro, NC with her husband and two school-age children. She enjoys organic and hydroponic gardening, yoga and healthy cooking.


Laura May Conner, RN, BSN

Laura May received her nursing education from the historical Watts School of Nursing in Durham, North Carolina. Over the last decade, Laura May has worked in emergency rooms all across the state.  After years of seeing countless patients never truly finding healing and joy through conventional medicine, this led her on a journey to discover an authentic solution for disease—
not treatments to just mask the symptoms.

Determined to bring authentic healing to her patients, Laura May completed a year long integrative health coaching program and is currently completing the Institute of Functional Medicine’s (IFM) certification program, as well as working towards her Family Nurse Practitioner licensure with a focus on integrative, functional medicine. As a seasoned nurse, Laura May brings expert IV skills and extensive knowledge of IV therapy. 

Laura May lives with her husband on a family farm in Efland. She adores animals and enjoys walking the quiet trails of her farm with her dogs, cats and pet pigs following close behind.      

Laura May C.jpg

Colleen Carden, Practice Manager

Colleen is a native of Nova Scotia, Canada and moved to New England when she was young. She lived throughout the Northeast before moving to NC 16 years ago. Colleen has been in the healthcare field for 35 years. She has worked in various management roles for large and small hospital systems, in addition to previous practice management experience. Colleen sought after some personal endeavors working in the full time ministry for over 5 years when she lived in Maine. She is excited about integrating all her combined experiences into her role as Practice Manager for Family Functional Medicine. Colleen considers herself a visionary who is passionate, enthusiastic and driven to inspire growth and positive change in whatever environment she is in.

Colleen enjoys running, biking, hiking, reading, travel, writing and classical music – and is currently learning how to play the violin which she is very passionate about. Colleen loves to visit her family regularly who are spread throughout the Northeast and Canada.


Michelle Canada,
Medical Assistant

Michelle is our Medical Assistant. She helps to schedule appointments, manage refill requests, remind you when to get labs, transfer messages between you and your provider, manage billing, and handle any other tasks as necessary to provide you with excellent care. 

Michelle lives in Burlington, NC with her husband and 4 children. She enjoys cooking, gardening, short track racing, and spending time with her children.