What if you could diminish, prevent or delay the onset of chronic conditions by making attuned health choices now?

An understandable question you may have at this point is, “Yes, but how much is it going to cost me?”

The honest answer is that it may vary a bit. Firstly, you should note that we are a direct-pay clinic. We do not file insurance. We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

We also are different than a traditional physician’s office, in that we would like to see a new patient at least twice within a set amount of weeks. This helps us to review labs, set a plan of action, track progress and adjust course as needed.

Initial Patient Costs

Two visits and your personalized Wellness Plan will cost about $900. A deposit of $200 is required 1 week before an initial visit or consultation. Multiple Visit Packages are available, for a greater value, when paid in advance. Inquire with our office for more details.

Your first visit will last about one hour.

During this time the provider will listen to your medical story and perform a physical examination. Together, you will discuss initial actions to move toward your health goals. This often includes lab testing. Note: Labs are an additional cost, but may be covered by your insurance.

For your follow-up visit, weeks later, we will review the findings of your results and create a Wellness Plan that includes practices, strategies, and any recommended supplements or medications needed to address your particular health concerns.

First Time Children’s Visits

A well-child general visit is $150. If your child is facing acute symptoms requiring a more thorough evaluation, the visit is $225. Labs are an additional expense. However, these may be covered by insurance.

Your Commitment

Prevention and recovery can take time and effort on your part. If you are ready to make lifestyle changes that not only improve your health now, but create the best possible outcomes down the road, we are ready to meet you there.