Now Offering I.V. Treatments


Why consider a nutritional IV? In bypassing the stomach and digestive track, you can receive more efficient support for a variety of health conditions.

Health benefits include:

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Recovery from illness

  • Improving fatigue

  • Reducing muscle pain

  • Treating migraines

  • General re-hydration

Three “Cocktail” Treatments

Multi-Vitamin (also called “Myers Cocktail”):
Alleviate chronic symptoms such as inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress.
Contains Magnesium, Vitamin C and B.

Detox: Glutathione.
Remove toxins from the body and promote health and vitality.
1g $160
3g $180

Immune: High-dose Vitamin C.
Boost your immune system to prevent illness or recover from colds or flu.
25g $175
50g $200

I.V. therapy is a medical treatment and requires a medical evaluation prior to administration. A one time, Physician pre-treatment evaluation costs $50.