Patient Portal

If you are an established patient, you may access our patient portal any time it is conveinient for you! 

Through our patient portal, you can:

--Access visit summary and other medical records shared by Dr. Ingram

--View and download your lab results 

--Request and manage your appointments

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We often recommend supplements to help you achieve health. Knowledge about the ingredients and the quality of these supplements is vital.  

Family Functional Medicine has a non-financial relationship with two trusted vendors that will mail quality supplements directly to your home.

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Scheduling your Labs

For labs that require blood you will be sent to a drawing station at LabCorp or Any Test Now. We also use specialty labs to test urine, stool, and saliva. Test kits are completed at home and then mailed to a specialty lab. Some tests are covered (fully or partially) by insurance. If you choose not to file insurance there is usually a lower rate available for direct pay.


Returning Patient Consultations

Standard 30 minute follow-up = $250

Longer or “express” follow-ups are also available. These appointments may be performed in person or by telephone, depending on your preference.

We encourage you to have your questions ready so that time is used efficiently. Billing occurs at close of appointment with the card we have for you on file or another card of your choosing.

5 minutes or less


21-30 minutes


6-10 minutes


31-40 minutes


11-20 minutes


41-55 minutes


Please let us know if you have any questions!