What to Expect


Your first new patient visit will be unlike most doctors’ visits. We will spend about an hour together.  Prior to our visit, you will fill out an extensive online questionnaire asking questions ranging from sleep, stress, bowel movements and what you eat to where you live and how you cook your food. When we meet, feel free to bring loved ones or friends who are involved in your health care.

On our first visit, we will have a discussion before a thorough physical exam. With the information gathered, together we will come up with a plan tailored to you. This plan may include labs, diet changes, and nutritional supplements. After our visit, I will type that plan and send it to you through a secure patient portal.

In several weeks, we will meet again by phone, telemedicine or in person to evaluate your progress and review labs. We may make some changes to your treatment plan at that time.

The frequency of subsequent follow up visits depends on the complexity of the issues we are addressing. Some people need to have regular labs monitored and discussed; some people visit every 6 months or a year.

~Dr. Ingram